John Frank Football League

Students Eligible: Students in the 5th and 6th grades in the Muncie Community Schools. Also students who live in the Muncie Community Schools district but are home schooled or attend a private / parochial school.

Registration Requirements:  All students who desire to play must be registered by a parent or legal guardian on a registration date as listed below. Students must attend registration with their parent / legal guardian for fitting of equipment. NO students will be allowed to play without parent / legal guardian permission. All students will be weighed on the date of registration. Only one opportunity for the weigh-in will be allowed.

Fee to Play:  We ask for a fee of $40.00 to be paid on the day of registration. Payments may be made during the season. No student will be denied the opportunity to play due to the inability to pay this fee.

Registration Location: TBD

Registration Dates:

To Be Determined


All practices are held after school on weekdays at Southside or Northside Middle Schools. Practice times will be established by the team coaches. Coaches are not permitted to transport players to and from practices or games.


Games are played on Wednesday evenings at Southside Middle School. The games are scheduled at 5:00 and 7:00 pm.