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Southside Middle School Media Library Center:

* available for all students and staff
* library media program is vital to the school curriculum 
* students are able to develop into lifelong learners through resources, literature, and technology 
* students can become informed citizens in our community by building their skills that will be of use during their education and in their futures
* important goal for the library media staff is to instruct students to locate, recover, and use information effectively and ethically
* students are given instruction through one-to-one, small groups, and as whole classes 
* computer lab with 24 main computers for class instruction
* four (4) additional computers that can serve as both search computers for the Surpass automation system or as an addition for the class instructional lab


Guidelines for using the Southside Library Media Center


Students will check out library materials using their 5-digit student I.D. or lunch number.

(Any new students will be provided this information.)


Two (2) library books may be check out at a time. These will be on a two-week (2) check out cycle.


Library books may be renewed for one (1) additional two (2) week checkout cycle. If the student has not finished the book after the four (4) weeks then they may have lost interest or the book may be difficult and another book should be selected.


Any student with books overdue are NOT be permitted to check out additional books until the overdue materials are returned.


Books that are lost or damaged are the responsibility of the student. Lost or damaged book fees are to be paid to the library before any additional books may be checked out.


Students are on a schedule to visit the media library with their reading or English teacher; books may be returned at any time and new materials may also be checked out.


Library Media terminology:


Author - person that has written a book.

Biography - true story of a person’s life.

Call Number - group of letters or numbers and letters usually found on the bottom of the spine of the book. These letters and or numbers tell which section of the library the book will be located.

Fiction - ‘fun’ books, books that are written from the author’s imagination.

Non-fiction - books written that are true.

Reference - examples are almanacs, atlases, dictionaries and encyclopedias.

Subject - topic that the book is about.

Title - name of the book.

The Media Library Center Hours:

Daily 9:00 am - 4:00 pm


Questions or concerns may be directed to 765-747-5454

or through email provided below.





 Library Media Assistant   Ann Mace

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